XXI Ivanov Memorial Lectures

The Department of Turkic Philology, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg State University is inviting you to participate in the International scientific conference “West in Turkish and Russian Culture: XXI Ivanov Memorial Lectures” (Uluslararası Sempoziyum ‘Türk ve Rus Kültüründe Batı Algısı: XXI Ivanov Okumaları’) on May 16th and 17th, 2019.

The annual «Ivanov Memorial Lectures» are held at the Department of Turkic Philology since 1999 and are dedicated to the outstanding Russian turkologist, Segei Nikolayevich Ivanov (11 April 1922, Petrograd – 5 April 1999, St. Petersburg). Reports cover different issues of formation and development of languages, linguistic structure, history, culture, ethnography and literature of Turkic peoples in the past and at present.

In 2019 the Conference is organized with the participation and support of the «Society of Turkic literatures of Turkey, Balkans and Northern Cyprus» (“Kıbrıs Balkanlar Avrasya Türk Edebiyatları Kurumu – KİBATEK”). It is expected that the part of reports within the Section «Literature of Turkic Peoples» will be dedicated to the reflection of the East – West relationship in the literatures of the Turkic and neighbouring peoples.

Conference languages: Russian, English, Turkish.


The work of the Conference will be organized within the following sections:

  1. Section «Turkic Languages». The structure and history of the modern and ancient Turkic Languages. The methodology of teaching of the Turkic Languages in the higher education institutions.
  2. Section «History and ethnography of Turkic peoples». The issues of the history of Turkic peoples and Turkic-speaking States. Spiritual and material culture of the Turks.
  3. Section «Literature of Turkic Peoples». The literatures of Turkic peoples in the past and at present. East and West in the mirror of literatures. The folklore of Turkic peoples.


Please send applications for participation in the Conference and topics of reports (speeches) to the following e-mail: [email protected](deadline is February 15, 2019). Application form: Name (full name), title of the report (speech), organization (institution), position, academic title and degree, address of the organization, e-mail, form of participation in the Conference, requirement of official invitation and visa (for foreign participants). The sample of application in tabular form is sent in a separate file.

Our address: 199034, St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya nab., 11, Organizing Committee.

As a result of the Conference it is expected the publication of the Conference materials (reports and abstracts provided by the participants) entitled «Actual problems of Turkic studies». The publications of the materials is based on in-person participation in the Conference only. The topics of reports of the absentee participants will be included in the Conference Programme but the publication of the materials is not provided.

Abstracts and/or texts of reports (speeches) should be sent no later than May 1, 2019 to the following e-mail: [email protected]

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select the material for publication. Materials provided late or formatted with deviations from the requirements for publication will not be accepted.

Expenses for participation in the conference are borne by the sending party or by the participant of the conference.


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