XXXI Кононовские чтения

October 4, 2016:


Chair: Girfanova Albina

  1. Nasilov Dmitrii (IAAC MSU) Morphological Model “Verbal noun + -ČI” in the History of the Turkic Languages
  2. Peter Zieme (Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities) — The Buddhist Hṛdayasūtra in Old Uyghur and an Unknown Commentary
  3. Ayidar Mirkamal (Xinjiang University) — A Study on Kültegin Inscription bir kiši : y(a)ŋ(ı)lsar : uγ(u)šı : bod(u)nı : bišükiŋä : t(ä)gi : qıdm(a)z : (ä)rm(i)š
  4. 4. Alexandra Perednya (SPb SU) – On the qy-a (ki-a) Form in the Old Uyghur
  5. Aleksei Pylev (SPb SU) – About Khoja Ahmad Yasawi’s Exhortations in the Sufi Work “Džawahir ul-abrar min amwadž-i bihar” (“Jewels of Righteous Men from Waves of the Seas”, 1593 y.)
  6. Cui Yan (Peoples University of China) — The Research on the Currency, Weights and Measures in Uygur Civil Documents


12.00 — 13.30

Chair: Burykin Alexei

  1. Viktor Guzev (SPbSU) — Semantics of “possession” and “being, state” in the Turkic Verbal Perfect Forms
  2. Albina Girfanova (SPbSU) — Turkic borrowings in the Albanian language
  3. Gulnoz Khallieva (Uzbekistan State University of World Languages) — A.N. Kononov – an Outstanding Connoisseur of Turkish Manuscripts
  4. Margarita Dubrovina (SPbSU) — Some Additions to the Interpretation of the Meaning of the Causative in the Turkic Languages
  5. Apollinaria Avrutina (SPbSU) — Statistical Evaluation of Ancient and Modern Turkic Languages’ Phonological Data in Russian Linguistic Literature



Chair: Margarita Dubrovina

  1. Ani Sargsyan, Hasmik Kirakosian (Yerevan State University) — The Oldest Copies of the “daqāīqal-ḥaqāīq” and “luγat-i nʻimatullah” Medieval Bilingual Dictionaries of the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts – Matenadaran
  2. Anahit Kartashyan (SPb SU) — The Missing Link in the Chain of the Armenian National Constitution: the Draft of Armenian National Regulation of 1857
  3. Lusine Khachatryan (Yerevan State University) — The Turkic Names of Animals Attested in Armenian Medieval Authors’ Works
  4. Dilber Sarışahin(SPb SU) – Sound Symbolism in Turkish
  5. Olga Sarygoz. (SPb SU) – Appellative Word and Phrase Derivation in the Modern Turkish Language
  6. Shahnaz Kamalova (SPb SU) – On Definitive and Completive Constructions in the Language of Runic Artifacts
  7. Nikolay Telitsin (SPb SU) – On the Meaning of Some Verb Forms in the Old Turkic Languages