XXXIV Kononov Readings 25-26 October 2019

The Department of Turkic Philology, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg State University is inviting you to participate in the International scientific conference «XXXIV Kononov Readings» which will take place on the 25-26th of October 2019.
The annual conference «Kononov Readings» have been held at the Department of Turkic Philology since 1986 and are dedicated to the outstanding Russian turkologist, Academician Andrei Nikolayevich Kononov (1906-1986). Reports cover different issues of formation and development of languages, linguistic structure, history, culture, ethnography and literature of Turkic peoples in the past and at present. Working languages: Russian, English, Turkish.
The conference will include the following panels:
• Issues of Turkic research in the context of traditional and modern science directions.
• Literature, culture and folklore of the Turkic peoples
• Languages of the Turkic peoples
• History, source studies and historiography of the Turkic peoples
• «Young turcologist» panel (for bachelor and master students)


Information letter