XXXVII Kononov Readings

Dear colleagues!

The Department of Turkic Philology, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, St. Petersburg State University with the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Society for Scientific and Cultural Relations with Turkey and the St. Petersburg Center for the Development and Support of Oriental Researches is inviting you to participate in the International scientific conference «XXXVII Kononov Readings» which will take place on the 28-29th of October 2022.

The annual conferences «Kononov Readings» have been held at the Department of Turkic Philology since 1986 and are dedicated to the Russian Turcologist, Academician Andrei Nikolayevich Kononov (1906-1986).

This year our Department is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the beginning of teaching the Ottoman (Turkish) language at the St. Petersburg University.


The conference will include the following panels:

  • Issues of Turkic research in the context of traditional and modern science directions.
  • Literature, culture and folklore of the Turkic peoples
  • Languages of the Turkic peoples
  • History, source studies and historiography of the Turkic peoples
  • «Young Turcologist» panel (for bachelor and master students)

Working languages: Russian, English, Turkish.


Please send your applications and topics of the reports (speeches) to the following e-mail: [email protected] (deadline is September 10, 2022).

Application form: Name (full name), title of the report (speeches), organization (institution), position, academic title and degree, address of the organization, e-mail.

Abstracts and/or texts of reports (speeches) should be sent no later than September 20, 2022 to the following e-mail: [email protected]

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select the material for publication. Materials provided late or formatted with deviations from the requirements for publication will not be accepted.

Travel expenses, expenses for accommodation, participation in the conference are borne by the sending institutions or by the participant.

Organizing Committee

For more information see the Department of Turkic Philology website:

Submission of abstracts and/or full texts

The text must meet the following requirements:

The title and author’s name in Russian and English.

Pages should be numbered sequentially. The page number is indicated at the bottom of the page and centered.

Page Setup — A4, margins for all sides — 2 cm, orientation — portrait.

Font — Times New Roman (14 pt), line spacing – 1,5 lines, indent — 1 cm.

Non-standard fonts should be attached to the abstracts/reports.

The author’s surname (with initials in front) should be in italic, placed before the title and aligned to the right margin.

The title should be in bold capital letters and centered.

The link should be in the text in square brackets; For example: [Ivanov 1975: 35]; If necessary, footnotes should be in the form of an upper index and have end-to-end numbering throughout the text.

Bibliography is given at the end and is made in accordance with the following example: Ivanov 1975 — Ivanov S. N. The course of Turkish grammar, Part 1. Grammatical categories of the noun, Leningrad, 1975. 100 p.

Approximate size: abstracts — no more than 4 000 characters

report – no more than 20 000 characters

The material must be arranged as follows:

Name in Russian

Text in Russian


Abstract in Russian

Keywords in Russian

Title in English

Abstract in English

Key words in English

Information about the author(s) in Russian

Information about the author(s) in English


Application form for participation

in the International Scientific Conference «XXXVII Kononov Readings»


Full name Organization 
Academic title, degree Position 
Title of the report 
Requirement of official invitation